GREEN MACHINE - Die Dinge der Anderen
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9 December 2023 - 13 January 2024
Ornament und Verbrechen 6
Group exhibition
Opening: 9 December 6 - 9 pm
LAGE EGAL[SPL19], Berlin

28 October 2023 - 25 February 2024
Green Machine
Solo exhibition
Opening: 27 October 2023

3 August - 9 September 2023
Roundtrip Fluidum
Opening: 3 August 2023

1 May - 27 May 2023
Ornament und Verbrechen
Solo exhibition with Franziska Reinbothe
Opening: 1 May 6 pm
LAGE EGAL[SPL19], Berlin

February, 1st - February, 26th 2023
Çmimi / Prize Muslim Mulliqi
Opening: February, 1st 2023
The National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina [KOSOVO]

September, 8th - October, 1st 2022
Solo exhibition with Bram Kuypers
Opening: September 8th, 6 pm
Artist Talk with Marijke Lukowicz : September 17th, 4 pm
LAGE EGAL[GW 34/35], Berlin

Processions - 64 pages booklet release tonight at the premiere of PROCESSIONS 3 at 515Bendix in Los Angeles [USA]
The booklet contains an interview with Bram Kuypers and me, a text by Marijke Lukowicz, screenshots, images and background informations about the processions cycle. Processions is edited by Pierre Granoux and Lage Egal and was funded by E.ON foundation

July, 9th - 30th 2022
Opening: July 9th, 7 pm
Procession 3
Premiere of the 3rd part of our trilogy /w Bram Kuypers
515, Bendix building, Los Angeles [USA]

May, 10th - August, 29th 2022 
LAGE EGAL in collaboration with Galeria NAVE, Lisbon [P]
LAGE EGAL[GW 34/35], Berlin

March, 5th - December, 23rd 2022
Procession 1 screening
Collectie De Groen, Arnhem [NL]

September 5th - November, 11th 2021
Opening: September 5th
All the Power that Remains
On the cycle "All the Power that Remains"
Solo exhibition wiith Bram Kuypers
Het Kunstemaal, Bronkhorst [NL]

September, 2nd 2021
Procession 1
Screening & Artist Talk
Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster

July, 10th - August, 29th 2021 
Sonderlage Totale

July, 10th - August 29th 2021
Opening: July, 10th
Hoe = Het Nu 2021
ACEC, Apeldoorn [NL]

June, 20th - July 25th 2021
Opening: June, 20th
Die Große Kunstausstellung
Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

June, 26th - August, 8th 2021
Opening: June, 26th
Residence and solo exhibition
Künstlergut Loitz

March, 14th - April, 18th 2021
Opening: March, 14th, 4pm
Strahler solo exhibition
Kunstverein Gütersloh

February, 1st - March, 13th 2021
Sonderlage #1
Lage Egal, Berlin

January, 13th 2021
Ben Greber - Virtual Reality has been published these days by Favoritenpresse.
The book contains images of almost all of my works, created between 2012 and 2020 as well as a prologue by Marcus Steinweg and texts by Marcus Lütkemeyer, Anna Lena Seiser, Erik Schönenberg andRaimund Stecker.
It has 160 pages, comes in an exclusive 5 colour print and was designed by the one and only Anna Busdiecker. Ben Greber - Virtual Reality can now be orderd in bookshops. Due to the Pandemic, all booklaunches have been canceled.
Virtual Reality

October, 10th - November, 9th 2020
Opening: Octopber, 10th 4pm - 8pm
Links Hinten - One Of Each#2
Lage Egal, Berlin

October, 7th 2020, 12 AM
Live Performance with Bram Kuypers
A reactivating ritual on the decommissioned Transrapid testtrack, Lathen

September, 16th 2020
Stephanie Neumann came over to interview me and take some
fine shots of my studio for the archiving project Visit my Tent.

June 2020
Bram Kuypers and me have received the Visit Grant.
The award will allow us to fund our next projekt on future mobility
and decommissioned test tracks.

July 30th - August, 18th 2019
Opening: July, 30th 2019 7 -10 pm
Closing event: August 18th 2019
Einspeisung / Supply solo exhibition
When The Image Is New, The World Is New, Berlin

April, 6th 2019, 7.30 pm
Talk with Anna Lena Seiser
Lange Nacht der Museen,
Landtag Nrw, Düsseldorf

March, 31st - April, 14th 2019
Opening: March, 31st 2019, 11 am - 4 pm
Equipped with Bram Kuypers
Kunsthalle Weseke

January, 19th - March, 9th 2019
Opening: January, 18th 2019, 6 -9pm
Memento Mori
Daniel Marzona, Berlin

December, 24th 2018 - February,24th 2019
Opening: December, 24th 2018, 6pm
Schrein der Freundschaft
Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam

November, 30th 2018 - January, 18th 2019
Watching a movie is watching the object
Opening: November, 29th 2018, 7pm
Finissage: November, 4th 2018, 4pm - 8pm
Sadkauf, Munich

July, 15th 2018 - March, 31st 2019
Research and exhibition project
Together with Bram Kuypers
First production period November, 27th - December, 5th 2018
Supported by Euregio

October, 27th 2018 - November, 4th 2018 
Stilllegung solo exhibition
Opening: October, 26th 2018, 7pm 
Finissage: November, 4th 2018, 4pm - 8pm
Hochparterre, Berlin

July, 15th 2018 - March, 31st 2019
Research and exhibition project
Together with Bram Kuypers
First research period: July 15th. - July 29th, 2018
Supported by Euregio

June, 23rd 2018 - August, 5th 2018
Opening: June, 22nd 2018, 7pm
the foot feels the foot when it feels the ground
Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin

April, 21th 2018 - May, 20th 2018
Opening: April, 20th 2018, 7pm
evacuations solo exhibition
Cuxhavener Kunstverein

April, 14th 2018 - May, 20th 2018
Opening: April, 13th 2018, 7pm
Capitalo, Chthulu, and a Much Hotter Compost Pile.
Über Mensch-Umwelt-Verhältnisse
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien

March, 17th 2018 - May, 2nd 2018
Opening: March, 16th 2018, 7pm
Stilllegung solo exhibition
Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal

December, 8th 2017 - January 7th, 2018
Opening: December, 8th 2017
Europe in China / Opus II
Contemporary sculpture from Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Qingdao Sculpture Museum, Qingdao, China

June, 25th - August, 20th 2017
Opening: June, 25th 2017, 11.30 am
Herzstücke group show 25 years GWK art award
Galerie Münsterland

January, 7th - February, 19th 2017
Opening: January, 6th 2017, 7pm
Heizungsraum solo exhibition
Sox, Berlin

December, 4th - December, 26th 2016
Opening: December, 3rd 2016, 3pm
Friends With Benefits
Studio Omstand, Arnhem [NL]

November, 5th 2016 - January, 5th 2017
Opening: November, 4th 2016, 7.00pm
Never Shown on Purpose
Circle1, Berlin

October, 24th - December, 11th 2016
Opening: October, 23rd 2016, 5.00pm
Living with Ghosts
Schloss Ringenberg

August, 19th - August, 22nd 2016
Opening: August, 19th 2016
Beyond The Lines
ARCUB, Bucharest [RO]

June, 11th - August, 21st 2016
Opening: June, 10th 2016
Process Performance Presence
Kunstverein Braunschweig

April, 8th - April, 16th 2016
Opening: April, 7th 2016
The Same Sky
Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf

October, 25th - November, 14th 2015
Opening: October, 24th 2015
Group Show V
Alexander Levy, Berlin

December, 19th - January 17th, 2015
Opening: December, 18th 2014
solo exhibition
Bruch&Dallas, Köln

November, 9th 2014 - November, 27th 2014
Opening: November, 8th 2014
Finisage: November, 28th 2014
Art award
Silent Green, Berlin

June, 7th 2014 - July, 24th 2014
Opening: June, 6th 2014, 6pm
Drei Räume
(solo exhibition)
Kunstverein Galerie Januar, Bochum

November, 16th 2013 - January, 26th 2014
Opening: November, 15th 2013
KIT, Düsseldorf

September, 7th- October, 19th 2013
Opening: September, 6th 2013
Material Conceptualism
Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

April 22nd - May, 5th
Opening: April, 21st 2013
Alles Steuert Der Blitz (solo exhibition)
Fuhrwerkswage, Cologne

April, 21st - June, 23rd
Opening: April, 20th 2013
Closing party on June, 23rd
Once More, Unto The Breach, Dear Firends, Once More
Lokaal01, Breda [NL]

April, 12th - tba
Opening: April, 11th
Scores For Indeterminate Places
Latvian Center For Contemporary Art, Riga [LV]

November, 8th - November, 11th 2012
Opening: November, 7th, 7pm
Kunsthaus Hamburg

May, 12th - May, 20th 2012
New Talents - Biennale Cologne

February, 25th - March, 31st 2012
"Dolores Lavatorium" (solo exhibition)
Dolores (Ellen de Bruijne Projects), Amsterdam [NL]

January, 19th - March, 18th 2012
Opening: January, 18th 2012
(With Matthias Böhler, Stefan Eichhorn, Sebastian Hein, Christian Orendt)
Khn, Nürnberg

July,1st - August, 31st 2011
"Almagia 1" (solo exhibition)
Galerie Opdahl, Berlin

October, 17th - November, 13th
Opening Open Studio: November, 10th
Lokaal01 Residency (+ open studio)
Lokaal01, Antwerp [B]

November, 26th 2011 - January, 29th 2012
Opening: November, 25th 2011
"Almagia 2"(solo exhibition)
GWK Förderpreis Kunst 2011 (with Kristina Berning))
Museum MARTA, Herford

November - December 2011 (tba)
"Schöne Wahrnehmung . Positionen Junger Kunst" (group exhibition)
Temporary Gallery Cologne, Cologne


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